Yoram Ever-Hadani

Yoram began his career as an opinionated copywriter and then executive creative director in Tel-Aviv, working for far too many agencies and big brands. Then, after winning the industry’s most coveted awards, he understood the only way to stop giving hell to directors, was to direct himself.

He did well enough. First with funny television spots and then with slightly less-funny-but-more-smiling spots… After directing his first car commercial, he fell in love with the genre and did a fair few of those (For Mazda, Volvo, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Dacia and more… )

A few relevant facts: His James Allen spot got over 25M viral views on YouTube. His 16 min. non-dialogue short 'Moon Drops' recently premiered at the Jerusalem Film Festival. Mazda - The Blind Drive was chosen 'Ad Of The Day' at Adforum. Coffee Shot appeared in Lürzer's Archive.

A few irrelevant facts: Yoram is an author of 5 children books and a novel and he is about to complete his MA (Culture studies, with honours if you must ask). Helping a friend open a restaurant made him a shareholder of a huge London success without understanding much about food OR business.

He is still a bit surprised he is being paid for what he does (and thanks god he has agents who deal with this stuff).