Tim Mogridge Tied the Knot

Following a week long French excursion - complete with at least one dog kidnapping - Genny Director Tim Mogridge married fiancé Ceinwen Jarvis in London last Saturday. Naturally Will and I thought it only appropriate to stop by the reception, give the night our blessing and help ourselves to as much free alcohol as morally possible (I must stress at this point that we were actually invited). 

Located at Greenwich’s Trafalgar Tavern (recommended by Generator's own Kate Arton no less), it was certainly a classy affair. Perching on an old oak bar, sipping champagne and surrounded by paintings of old white men, we felt like a couple of young moguls. However, don’t be fooled - this was not a night of uptight, stuffy awkwardness. Tim’s signature easy-going vibes were both omnipresent and infectious. 

As a 24 year old man, I've not had a ton of experience attending weddings (yet). But with delicious food, heart-warming speeches - including an especially lovely poem from Ceinwen's father - and an excessive amount of dance floor dabbing, the bar has been set high. From start to finish it was super chill and fun, which is all you could hope for from a wedding reception, as well a relationship in general. 

So huge congratulations to Tim and Ceinwen on behalf of everyone at Generator. Thanks for inviting us to be a small part of this seismic life event, and we wish you a long and happy marriage!    

And for those who’d like to learn more about Tim’s ‘signature esay-going vibes’, click here to see his fantastic body of work.