The New Generator Blog

Joe & Will here, introducing the new Generator blog.

A little bit about ourselves: Joe is the in-house Runner/PA and Will is the new Office Manager. We’ve actually known each other for several years. We both studied media related degrees at The University of Nottingham, but properly met when we got a joint internship at the Art Directors Guild of America in LA. After leaving the glitz and glam of Hollywood, Joe got a job at the equally glitzy and glamorous Generator Films. Meanwhile Will went to run and 3rd AD on a number of television shows, before joining the Genny gang a couple of months back.

Anyway we recently decided we’d give this blog a fresh lick of paint. As we are both relatively new to the world of commercials production we thought it’d be cool to write about our experiences navigating it. Whether it’s advice on avoiding the pitfalls of job applications, or thoughts on how the industry is evolving, or whatever, our goal is to provide posts that are (hopefully) helpful and kinda unique…

But equally we’re not going to be quite so rigid. Maybe one week Joe will rank his top 10 favourite hip-hop music videos, or perhaps resident Deutsche-speaker Will will pen a think piece on Good Bye, Lenin! (apparently his favourite German film). We haven’t really planned that far ahead. Providing the content is loosely media related then we’ll stick it up on here.

So check in next Friday Tuesday to see our first proper post, and we hope/pray you get a kick from this blog.

 Joe & Will 

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