72 Hours In Cannes

A week and a half has passed since Cannes and I’ve just about recovered. 

I’m pleased to say that I’ve now gathered my thoughts and have put together an account of my 72 hours in the South of France.

Day 1:

Arriving at 3pm on Wednesday at Nice airport I got chatting to a couple of other lost looking Englishmen and we decided to share a taxi to Cannes.

First stop LBB & Friends Beach where I joined forces with our Italian Stallion of a director Igor Borghi. After ‘refreshing’ ourselves I headed to the Facebook beach for a talk with Sheryl Sandberg, who very passionately explained how she has dealt with adversities and how we can all be more humane in helping others through them.

Next stop: the Location Guide Soiree on the croisette. It was great to see so many old friends and make new ones from all over the advertising globe. From Sweden to South Korea, one thing we could all agree on was that the canapés were a perfect 10. The score is based on a variety, quantity and taste and these little bad boys passed all categories with flying colours.

Having filled myself up sufficiently I was then invited to…..dinner. Who could possibly refuse an offer to dine with Framestore's finest.

Pizza, pasta, wine and fine conversation was had before I headed off to the Rushes party back at the croisette. Considering by this point I could barely move, I was quite impressed that 1.) I managed to get there on foot and 2.) Despite having never fathered a child (that I know of) I managed to do some serious Dad dancing. 

Day 2:

Woke up dreaming of Canapés. Headed to Tracks and Fields hangover rehab, a much needed start to the day which consisted of fruit platters and….alcohol. Then it was time for a spot of Tennis at the Cannes tennis reception. After working up a sweat watching others play in 35 degrees heat, I headed to the Cannes Young Director Awards, where I took shelter in the JW Marriotts gloriously air conditioned basement. The level of creativity on show was outstanding, particular highlight for me was the ‘The Territory’ music video by The Blaze, which won the silver award under the music video category.

Having sat in an air conditioned room for 3 hours in shorts and a t-shirt I was worried I’d catch a cold. So I headed back to the Location Guide beach to get my tan on and converse with like minded industry folks about serious industry matters, such as which party to head out to that evening. In turns out that everyone was going to Shots…obviously. So after a quick pitstop at the Bare Films pizza party (so many carbs) I picked up my 107th wristband and headed to the Cannes party of all parties. There was more Dad dancing to be had, lots of very serious industry chat…but no canapés.

Day 3:

Who am I? Where am I? Where’s my boarding pass? Can I kick it, yes I Cannes…


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