Generator Does A-Ok At APA Sports Day

Last Friday, Directors Rep Steve assembled a rag-tag bunch of Generator employees and an unsuspecting work experience girl to take part in the APA's Sports Day, organised to raise money for the Grenfell survivors.

At 4.30pm (30 mins behind schedule) Steve, Jon, Will and work experiencer Alex rushed to Regents Park. The plan: go head-to-head with 6 other production companies in several gruelling challenges including a relay, 3 legged race, sack race and tug of war. Dressed to impress in their finest work attire, the awesome foursome arrived at the park only to see colourful costumes and everyone proudly representing their companies in rainbow wigs, bright yellow t-shirts and 118-118-man sweat bands.

Undeterred by their lack of appropriate footwear or clothing and being one man down (hashtag drop out Joe), the team got stuck in as the wild card in the relay final. Despite coming 3rd (out of 3 teams) Genny were happy to have placed, albeit by default. Next up was the tug of war. Generator vs Madam, in their multi-coloured headpieces and snazzy Pamela Anderson T's. Thanks to a mystery crusader from team Arri who shall remain nameless (mostly because we don't remember her name - sorry!), along with some tactical rope manoeuvres by Jon, Generator secured its first victory! They moved swiftly into the tug semi-finals against Partizan. Partizan may have had numbers and sensible footwear on their side, but Generator put up a good fight... before eventually snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

With Alex sitting out of the sack race due to past school Sports Day-related traumas and Jon recovering from rope burn, Will and Steve dived head first into the race . Due to some solid early jumping by Steve and a slightly shaky sack transition, the team came a respectable second, but alas it wasn't quite good enough to make it into the final.

The last challenge was the three legged race. Handicapped by the height disparity between Jon's giant beanstalk legs and Will's normal stick legs, along with a slight lack of coordination that may/may not be accredited to a couple of tins of lager, the team didn't win. In fact, they can't actually remember what the result was. Sadly the rounders was rained off, so all of the contenders decided to go for a post-match debrief at The Globe instead.  All in all, the sports day was a lot of good old fashioned fun. Shout out to Katie for the organisation. Although the team didn't make it onto the podium, with all the proceeds going to such a good cause, this time it genuinely was the taking part that counted.

Actually the winning does count a little, so Generator are going to be hitting the gym every day in preparation for next years rematch, where we will be back and bigger than ever (or at the very least we will be convincing Charlotte to hire some more sporty/dench employees).

To check out more photos from the event, head over to the APA's brand spanking new website.


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