Generator Films

1st of August 2017

Generator has signed Sundance Grand Jury Prize Winner, Jim Cummings!

Jim directed, wrote and starred in the brilliant dramatic comedy short Thunder Road, which went on to win the 2016 Sundance Short Film Grand Jury Prize as well as awards at SXSW, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs. 

He has since been commissioned to write and direct a trio of short films created for First Look Media’s new venture, which can be viewed by clicking the link below. As with Thunder Road, each short is shot in one take.

Welcome to the family Jim!

4th of July 2017

BestAdsonTV adds Igor Borghi's Spider-Man spot for TIM to their top six list this week.

15th of June 2017

Igor Borghi gets our Spidey senses tingling with this new spot for TIM which receives 4 stars from David Reviews.

9th of June 2017

Fabrizio Mari is back with a  fast-paced  and gorgeously shot new spot for Seat/Ducati.

30th of May 2017

Generator is pleased to welcome up and coming director Mathieu Le Lay to the team. From ice caps to dense forests, Mathieu's work is geographically diverse, yet consistently visually stunning. Truly it has to be seen to be believed (which you can do by clicking the picture below).

15th of May 2017

Igor Borghi gets 5 stars from David Reviews with his second film for Dr. Giorgini.

"Italian supplement brand Dr Giorgini demonstrate exactly when their brain boosting pills might be needed in this hugely entertaining ad by DLV BBDO, directed by the talented Igor Borghi.

We follow a father and son through their morning routine. Typically, toast burns, costumes are ruined, and the kid is sent off to school with an endearingly-rubbish, cobbled together version of his spacesuit. The dad's look of resignation as sprinklers rain down on him is a highlight of a brilliant central performance.

Things only get worse from there, but the bloke admirably manages to keep his composure throughout the morning from hell. That is, until he gets to the office and someone thinks it's the perfect day to ask for a raise...

Not showing the the inevitable meltdown is an astute choice, leaving us to imagine the straw breaking the camel's back with explosive results. Excellent, stylish work with cleverly restrained storytelling choices - worth a second watch."  David Reviews

This hilarious take on the worst timing also gets top 6 TV AD on BestAdsonTV.

24th of April 2017

Click here for the official Jaguar Landing page for the two spots Rob Kaplan just directed. 

'David Reviews - 4 out of 5 stars''

10th of April 2017

Check out Rob Kaplans new film for MRF - Zapper.

30th of March 2017

Igor Borghi shows us the soul of a car in this new film for Darcia and gets 4 out of 5 stars on David Reviews.

"Dacia's UK advertising hinges on Ralph Ineson's gravelly VO, so this Italian number scored by Petula Clark's 'Downtown' is a change of pace. These Sandero Stepways long for their owners' return - conveyed by some neat close-ups on the vehicle's 'eyes'. It would've been nice to have seen the idea developed further, but the apt song choice ensures a likeable outcome." David Reviews

1st of March

Rob Kaplan has just wrapped for MRF Zapper tyres with ADK-Fortune in Delhi and we can't wait to see it. Keep posted.

27th of February 2017

LBB's Liam Smith talks with 5 crazy creative Italian virtuosos you don’t want to miss.

LBB's Liam Smith talks with 5 Crazy Creative Italian Virtuosos You Don’t Want to Miss

1st of December

Norry's Famous Footwear spot on Little Black Book:

28th of November 2016

Generator sends their congratulations to the award-winning Alejo Restrepo, who picked up 2 bronze awards from the Ojo de Iberoamerica Ad festival and the World Independent Advertising Awards. It truly is a lovely piece, and if you're yet to see it then click below.

25th of November 2016

Alejo Restrepo brings his signature sense of style to this aesthetically pleasing, mouth-watering new spot for McDonalds. 

¡Magnífico McNífica!

27th of September 2016 

Check out Rafaël Levy's Rio Olympics - French Team 2016 - Showreel

29th of July 2016

A big congratulations to Rob Kaplan for all his hard work on the new Shell V-Power - Job Swap spot. Here's a bit of news spreading around.

13th of July 2016

Igor Borghi has once again been recognised by 'Best Ads on TV', this time for his wonderful video for Linear. If you're yet to watch this sentimental and sincere spot, then please click the picture below.

5th of July 2016

Igor Borghi & DLV BBDO have delivered a touching video to celebrate Linear's 20th birthday. Click the picture to check out a lovely Youmark! article on Igor's latest work.

27th of May 2016

Igor Borghi helps Pirelli deliver an inspiring message in this beautifully shot ad for their PZero tyres.

'David Reviews - 5 out of 5 Stars'

20th of May 2016

What a treat the month of May has brought us. Drum roll please as we present the first of 18, (that's right, 18) films brought to you by (and we're sure you'll agree) an amazingly talented director who's showing the industry that if you have the skills you can apply them to any industry and come up trumps. Rafaël Levy you've done us proud.

11th of May 2016

A great interview.

10th of May 2016

Igor Borghi's Linus 'Paper Trail'.

'David Reviews - 5 out of 5 Stars'

9th of May 2016

There's a new dynamic duo in town who go by the names Igor Borghi and Parisian Gentlemen. Their mission which of course they chose to accept has been to help the rest of the superheroes out there to look a little bit sharper while they protect the rest of us. Check out his latest collaboration with 'Parisian Gentlemen' picked by the lovely people down at 'Best Ads on TV' & 'Ads of the World'.

5th of May 2016

Igor Borghi's Beghelli 'Black Out'.

'David Reviews - 4 out of 5 stars'

29th of April 2016

Oh so he edits as well. Teachers pet.

27th of April 2016

Rob Kaplan gets stuck in filming the new MRF MOGRIP ad in India.

'David Reviews - 4 out of 5 stars'

20th of April 2016

Tim Mogridge follows 27 amazing people doing amazing things for the planet with help from Chivas - The Venture.

14th of April 2016

Norry Niven spends some time at home with the band 'Blue October' shooting their new music video.

9th of April 2016

Well not one week later and the boys have gone and done it again. We knew when we saw it this was a great piece of work and we're happy to see that everyone else agrees.

7th of April 2016

Tip of the hat to Scott & Jon who've just been awarded Short of the Week for their film Cowboy Ben. This is a stunningly beautiful film in more ways than one.

6th of April 2016

Don't mention Liverpool because he's a Toffee. He also grows mean veg.

13th of Feb 2016

Two heads are better than one as long as they're connected like these two.

8th of Dec 2015

Don't mess. Nuff Sed(ley)!