"Italian supplement brand Dr Giorgini demonstrate exactly when their brain boosting pills might be needed in this hugely entertaining ad by DLV BBDO, directed by the talented Igor Borghi. We follow a father and son through their morning routine. Typically, toast burns, costumes are ruined, and the kid is sent off to school with an endearingly-rubbish, cobbled together version of his spacesuit. The dad's look of resignation as sprinklers rain down on him is a highlight of a brilliant central performance.  Things only get worse from there, but the bloke admirably manages to keep his composure throughout the morning from hell. That is, until he gets to the office and someone thinks it's the perfect day to ask for a raise...  Not showing the the inevitable meltdown is an astute choice, leaving us to imagine the straw breaking the camel's back with explosive results. Excellent, stylish work with cleverly restrained storytelling choices - worth a second watch."  David Reviews

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